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Digital Video Recorder

DVRs are an important part of any successful CCTV project. Video resolution is getting larger, recording speeds are getting faster, and video data compression is reducing the video data file size. Tera Byte storage capacity is becoming common in many CCTV applications. Network or remote monitoring of CCTV video is standard in all professional DVRs on the market in 2007 and video distribution across LANs, WANs, and the Web have given the DVR a new market outside of video security known as Business Systems Monitoring that allows management to monitor specified key business areas 24 hours a day. No longer just a security video recorder, the DVR has become a business tool for management with remote monitoring applications.

A Network Video Recorder is abbreviated as the NVR. It is a feature that can be integrated into the CCTV camera system to enable the simultaneous recording and remote access to both live views as well as the recorded images. A network video recorder can be used over a standard IP network. This is used in conjunction with a CCTV camera for the transmission of images monitored over them.

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